A F T E R   S C H O O L



O - S - T

(Out of School Time) 

(nights, week-ends, holidays, before and after school)

Millions of urban youth lack access to OST programs that provide rich opportunities for growth, learning and fun.

Fort Worth SPARC is coordinating the work of government agencies, private funders, local programs and others involved in OST programming.  This work has been funded by The Wallace Foundation and supported by The City of Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department.




We have 349 square miles and 250,000 Fort worth children whose lives will be transformed by FW SPARC.

Their transformation will depend upon, Fort Worth's ability to produce a “collective impact".

Are you up for it?

Our children are counting on YOU!


F o r t   W o r t h 


 Strengthening after-school Programs through Advocacy, Resources and Collaboration


Fort Worth SPARC is a growing network of Fort Worth's OST (Out of School Time) programs.  

We collaborate with the City of Fort Worth and its 14 school districts, OST providers and community organizations.

We strive to improve all youth programs by encouraging and providing:​​

Quality training to the people who work with Fort Worth youth each and every day

Equity in access to quality programs for ALL Fort Worth youth

Data collection supporting continuous improvement and innovation in Fort Worth's available youth programming is in process as a city-wide data repository.




Latest News & Information

The George W. Bush Institute SPOTLIGHTS Fort Worth

"Collecting and having the ability to analyze data city-wide will allow us, as a city, as a group of stakeholders, to make informed decisions, set priorities, solve problems, and reach a consensus on a city-wide strategic plan for out

GradNation Fort Worth 2016

GradNation Fort Worth is sponsored by Fort Worth SPARC locally and America's Promise Alliance nationally.  Fort Worth was selected as one of 100 cities to present a GradNation Summit.   The goal is to increase high school graduation rates to 90% or beyond by 2020.  While this is a lofty and inspirational goal, it is a goal which Fort Worth is on the edge of attaining!  Currently, 10 of the 14 school districts within the City of Fort Worth are graduating greater than 90% of their students from high school on time.

October 22, 2016 ----Multifamily Housing Outreach Fair for Apartment Residents on Las Vegas Trail / Calmont Avenue area

The City of Fort Worth’s Community Engagement Office will host a Multifamily Housing Outreach Fair in an effort to provide a “one-stop shop” of city-related services to apartment residents living in the Las Vegas Trail/Calmont Ave. area of West Fort Worth.