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Whether you participate by volunteering your time and talents, or by giving a financial gift, we rely on your support.


We are excited to report that Fort Worth Sparc's sponsorship of GradNation Fort Worth on 10 October 2016, provided 370 adults and 80 youth a forum to share what works and areas of improvement in Fort Worth.   Many attendees vowed to assist students with reading, as tutors and mentors.  We offered the 350 adult volunteers names to: Reading Partners, Read FW and Read to Win.  The attendees responded with an overwhelming, 350 committment cards, indicating that 94.6% of the adults in the room are ready and willing to mentor and assist our Fort Worth youth! 


The analysis of these shared opinions, insights, and visions regarding obtaining on time high school graduation rates, career readiness and colleges readiness will provide useful as Fort Worth Sparc targets acute geographic areas of need to improve outcomes equitably for all youth.  To educate our youth on time and to a level of preparedness for career and college requires an invested citizenry.

Thanks to GradNation, we have built that initial team of citizens. Moving forward, as Fort Worth Sparc launches our Asthma 211 initiative, Intersections, and increases the number of entries in our Program Locator, we foresee the sky as our limit.


When you invest in Fort Worth SPARC, you are building a brighter future for thousands of children and their families. In return, we promise to be excellent stewards, using your investment wisely and efficiently.  Your gift today will pay dividends to our city for decades to come!  Thank you for your committment to our Fort Worth youth, who number 250,000 and live within 349 square miles of our great city!

Your donation supports high-quality OST programming today.  Fort Worth SPARC provides excellence and equity to children across Greater Fort Worth. 

Contribute one time, or make a recurring pledge, your contribution is vital to our mission:  Building a Better Fort Worth into an Optimal Fort Worth.  #livenlovefwyouth  #workforkids #FW'sFuture

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