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January 2020

Landmark Resolutions


E-Cigarette Use in Teens

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    Spring 2024 
Fort Worth SPARC
The Chamber Music Societyof Fort Worth

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SPARC Signature Speaker Series

"Cutting Edge" Programs for 

after school providers, their education and healthcare counterparts on surveyed topics.  Previous topics: Sexual and Physical Abuse, Free Pediatric Medical Care, Vaccines, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Rainbow Fentanyl, ADHD, Student Safety and "Intersections" a SPARC Original Program.  The goal is to provide "Cross-Sectional" programming for Tarrant County youth and expand opportunities for all.

  • March 2024 AM Pate students Career Day EXTRAVAGANZA!  Students at AM Pate will learn from the experts at The Spay/Neuter Network.  Topics are:  Student safety near animals, animal health and spay/neuter.  This is in partnership with The Spay/Neuter Network and FW SPARC.

  • March 2024  Age 17 and under are encouraged to join the City of Fort Worth Community Centers!  Membership is FREE! 

  • March 2024 ALL IN EAST Fort Worth at SS Dillow Elementary this morning!  The novel non-profit ALL KIDS BIKE with a grant from HDR provided a permanent set of Strider Balance bikes (wobble pedal free bikes) which are adaptable to pedals as students progress in their riding.  This class set of 24 bikes will remain at SS Dillow forever!


  • December 2023 partner Holiday Gifting at AM Pate

         Elementary.  Every student 

         received 3 toys, an invitation

         to a bike raffle and 100%

         attendance students received

         Samsung Level Headphones

         and a Samsung Galaxy


  • December 2023 - Annual 

          HOLIDAY Bike, Clothing,

          Toy and Food Delivery at 

          God's House sponsored by

          LOVE4LOCALS and FW SPARC

  • June-July-August 2023   

CAMP SPARC was once again--F I R E at William James Middle School on Saturday, 10 September 2022.  120 students enrolled, yet nearly 200 attended!  In 76105, our community awards a "GOLD SEAL" and then the text. social media, curbside, community center, carpool line promotion of a FABULOUS program to neighbors, family and friends begins!  The attendance indicates SPARC and William James Middle School have built relationships and trust in the community!  #communitypride


Sizzling solar, lava lamps, and dizzying drones… oh my! We had almost 200 kids learn about density, solar energy and flight paths at @WJamesFWISD

student and faculty led, CAMP SPARC. These are community  supported learning experiences that matter and build a better tomorrow. #bethebear

  • Summer 2022, Partnering with Love4Locals, The City of Fort Worth, Seasons of Change, Barbara Cares, Medical City FW, UTA, Texas Wesleyan and many more, we delivered amenities and opportunities to the attendees of summer learning camps in 76105.

  • November 20, 2021, MyPHI-FW SPARC-THR- "The Tough Stars Give Back" hit the 100+ vaccines (covid 19 and flue) mark!  Featured speaker:  Yolande Pengetnze, MD

  • January 2020, The City of Fort Worth and FWISD passed the first resolutions on youth e cigarette use in the USA with support from:  SPARC, American Heart Association, State Rep Nicole Collier, Dr. Kathleen Powderly, Dr. Tracey Barnett and The BLUE ZONES.  We delivered a featured speaker to: Healthcare Professionals, students at multiple sites and parents.  Dr. Peter Stout of The Houston Forensic Science Center spent two days delivering the facts on vaping to our Tarrant County Community.  He was joined by our very own District 95 State Rep and Attorney Nicole Collier.  




  one source for parents, businesses and any individual interested in youth programming

Promote your "brick and mortar" on site or virtual after school program


summer program



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in action

Western hills elementary

las vegas trail - LVT

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The SPARC Signature

Speaker Series?

More programs will arrive

in the Winter of 2020-21 virtually!

Intersections students had 67% less mobility - they stayed in their school

Intersections students had better attendance

Intersections students received significantly more commendations for behavior than non Intersections students

Intersections students academic performance was better overal

Intersections teachers, parents and classroom teachers built relationships.


  The E-Cigarette




January 2020


resolutions by

the fw city council

the fwisd board of trustees




offers free

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Fort Worth SPARC is a network of Fort Worth's diverse after-school and summer programs.

We collaborate with the City of Fort Worth, all 14 Fort Worth school districts and various community organizations to ensure equitable placement of excellent programs.

We strive to improve all youth programs by encouraging and providing:​​


Advocating for funding and developing exceptional Out-of-School Time (OST) programs in greater Fort Worth.  #equityandexcellence


Serving as a resource for parents seeking OST programs and helping providers with  professional development.



Building partnerships with key stakeholders, parents and organizations.


About Us


Millions of urban youth lack access to out of school time programs that provide rich opportunities for growth, learning and fun.  Fort Worth SPARC is coordinating  the work of government agencies, private funders, health care entities, local programs and others involved in OST (out of school time) programming. Fort Worth, joined a cohort of eleven cities, as part of a Wallace initiative to innovate Out of School Time learning.


We have 903 Tarrant County square miles of children whose lives will be transformed by Fort Worth SPARC. Their transformation will depend upon, Tarrant County's ability to produce a “collective impact."  Are you up for it? Our children are counting on YOU to provide opportunity during 87% of the day, which they are not in school!  #opportunitygaps  #livenlovefwyouth #powerof87


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Tobi Jackson, Executive Director



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