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July 14-28, 2023
"Unleash Your Imagination" is a literacy initiative which follows Texas Senate Bill 5, passed on 18 January 2022 regarding the unlawful restraint of an animal.  As a follow up to Ms. Rosenthal's presentations, we will have a short story, essay, poetry and illustration contest.  Prizes are:  Samsung Galaxy Notepads, Games, Books and other toys.  #livenlovefwyouth  #spayneuter

July 14, 2023 - Friday
FW SPARC presents

Nationally Renowned Author and Humane Educator - Cathy Rosenthal and staff
"Cat and Dog: Safety, Care, Spay/Neuter"
at William James Middle School

Rationale:  Currently the City of Fort Worth Shelter is at capacity and our citizens must become educated and responsible pet owners.

Sponsors:  Saving Hope, Seasons of Change, FW SPARC, The Sid Richardson Foundation, The City of Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department

Attendees: Students and Families enrolled in Mobile Rec City-Wide 9:30 am and 10:30 am 
Lisa's Little Angels at 1 pm



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