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Quality Improvement 

Fort Worth SPARC and our partners have worked together to define a set of Quality Standards that will help OST programs make an even bigger and better impact on local children and youths.

We are developing a comprehensive evaluation tool and a citywide training system so we can monitor the quality of OST programs and give them the support they need to meet the standards set by the Quality Committee. 


The Quality Standards will:

  • Help each OST program provider assess strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Show parents/guardians and students what to expect from an OST program.

  • Assure funders and sponsors that the programs they support will deliver high-quality services.


Training & Professional Development 

We will provide the support providers need to reach more children with even better programming through the SPARC Quality Standards.

The Training Committee will provide an opportunity for OST programs and educators to access strategically focused training, technical assistance, tools and resources that will assist them in improving quality and performance. The Training Committee will:

  • Identify training needs and the abilities of each network member.

  • Participate in the development, coordination and collaboration of training and professional development through the latest methodologies and technologies.

  • Assure that course material development and delivery techniques incorporate relevant materials to maintain a learning environment that builds respect for the diversity of people and cultures. 

  • Ensure that training promotes the SPARC Quality Standards and positive child outcomes.

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